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Bonus: Dr. Murray interviewed by
Fox Sports Radio August 28, 2009

Comments about Dr. John F. Murray
arguably the most famous sports psychologist in the world (Topeka Capital Journal), ●did a great job on ABC Good Morning America and is the Roger Federer of sports psychologists (Tennis Week), one of the major psychologists in sports (Fox Sports), most quoted psychologist and sports psychologist in America (Various), ●the Freud of Football (Washington Post), delivered a captivating talk (Palm Beach Rotary), one of best in the business (Sports Business News), great guest (ABC Network Radio),  well respected confidant (Sports Illustrated), good friend and advisor (the late Rik Von Nutter, AKA Felix Leiter in James Bond movie Thunderball), excellent psychologist (Uri Geller), did a great job (NFL GM), ●thank you very much (Neil Cavuto, on FOX TV)

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