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This free checklist represents an introduction to some of the many areas included in performance psychology and mental coaching and this is intended as only an introduction to a more significant professional evaluation. For a serious evaluation and/or follow-up mental coaching or sport psychology consultation with Dr. John F Murray (by phone, email, and/or in person) call 561-596-9898 or send an email to Dr. John at

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1. How much fun and passion do you experience in important areas of life?

2.  How much work and discipline have you devoted to these areas lately? 

3. How quickly do you bounce back from losses or disappointments? 

4.  How confident do you remain, regardless of the situation?

5.  How focused do you remain throughout the day?

6.  How well do you manage and control emotions and energy? 

7.  How well do you make use of imagery/visualization strategies? 

8.  How effective do you use goals and strategies in your life?

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