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Adler Volmar's Photos
2008 USA Olympian and Top Judo Player in the 100kg weight class, Adler Volmar, presents a fun photo album for friends


See and Hear Adler on the Kiki Vale Radio Show in Chicago




Adler's Going for the Gold Party Video on














talking with radio talk show host Kiki Vale in Chicago














training for the Beijing Olympics

























Adler with President Bill Clinton at Jim Brown's Super Bowl Party































Adler with Hillary Clinton and Reed Wallace of WCM in Miami 














The "Stare" of USA's 2008 Top Olympic Judo Player in the 100kg Weight Category









Adler with CFO of Expedia and Real Estate Icon Michael Adler, and Hillary Clinton





















Adler Showing a New Stance for Polanti Watches on Ft. Lauderdale Beach























Adler with Actor Tony Schiena and other Notables at the 2008 Jim Brown Super Bowl Party















Adler with Assistant Manager of the 2008 USA Olympic Judo Team Humberto Lopez at the Fund Raising Party in Coral Springs 
















Adler at the 2007 World Judo Championships in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil















Adler with NFL Legend at Leigh Steinberg's 2008 Super Bowl Party















with sport psychologist Dr. John F. Murray at his 2008 fundraising party in Coral Springs

Adler with Television's John Salley, former NBA Player and Host of "The Best
     Damn Sports Show Period" at Leigh Steinberg's 2008 Super Bowl Party








































Adler at Christ the Redeemer Monument in Rio During the
Brazil Pan American Games in Rio 2007


















Adler with Kick Boxing Legend Rob Kaman from WCM
















Adler with Bishop Rick Thomas and Pastor Kathy Thomas of
Abundant Life Christian Center in Margate, Florida



















Adler with President Clinton in Davie, Florida
























Adler with his 2008 USA Olympian Teammates 









































Adler with his Judo Friends from Israel (including Zeevi),  and Aaron Cohen from USA at the Dead Sea in 2007  


















Adler with his first Judo Coaches in Haiti, Leandre and Antonio







































Adler at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics with Ernst Laraque,
President of the Haitian Judo Federation



















Adler with Vlade Divac of Los Angeles Lakers Basketball and an Olympian, at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics





















Adler with Judo Legend Yasuhiro Yamashita in Japan at the
1995 World Championships 




















Adler as Flag Bearer at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games




























Adler Volmar of Team USA at the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies